Business Office

Tuition and Fees

Ohio Resident Non-Resident
1-12 Credit Hours . . . . $200 per Credit Hour 1-12 Credit Hours . . . . $350 per Credit Hour
13-18 Credit Hours . . . . $2600 Total 13-18 Credit Hours . . . .$4670 Total
19+ Credit Hours . . . ..$170 per Credit Hour 19+ Credit Hours . . . . $320 per Credit Hour

We accept student payments in-person, online through My MTC, and by mail.

If you are paying in person, bring your credit card, cash, check, or money order to the Business Office. Checks should be payable to Marion Technical College, with the student’s name or identification number in the memo section.

If you are paying by mail, send your payment to:

Marion Technical College
Attn: Business Office
1467 Mt. Vernon Avenue
Marion, Ohio 43302

Check Your Balance

We don’t mail tuition and fee statements each term, so it’s important to check your balance online in the finances section of MyMTC. Contact the Business Office or help desk at 740-389-4636 ext. 288 or

Deferred Payment Plan

Students who are in “good standing” with MTC may pay tuition in four installments. The first installment (1/4 of the tuition and fees) plus a $35 non-refundable service charge is due by each term’s fee payment deadline. The three remaining installments are due in approximately 30, 60, and 90 days.

There is a penalty charge for late payments and students with outstanding debts to MTC are not permitted to register for subsequent classes or to receive grades/transcripts.

If you want to use the deferred payment plan, register online, or sign up in the Business Office. Only registered students may initiate and sign the deferred payment plan agreement.

Emergency Loan

If you are in good standing with MTC and have completed at least one semester, you may borrow up to $300 for non-tuition emergency expenses. There is a $20 service fee and the loan must be repaid.

Senior Citizen Fee Waiver

Tuition waivers for qualifying older adults are processed if space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact the Admission Office at 740-389-4636 for additional information.

Tuition Refund Policy

If you withdraw from one or more regularly scheduled credit courses before the academic term’s census date, you will receive a 100% tuition refund. There will be no refund for courses dropped after the census date. Refer to the MTC calendar for each term’s census date.
For flexibly scheduled courses, you will receive a 100% tuition refund if you withdraw from the course before the first class meeting. There will be no refund if you withdraw after the first class meeting.

Refunded tuition and fees will be returned to the original payment source within 30 days of the date of official course withdrawal. The official withdrawal date is the date the drop/add form is received by the Office of the Registrar or evening receptionist for in-person withdrawals. The postmark or fax date is the official withdrawal date for forms received by mail or fax.

Fees paid for courses canceled by MTC or paid under a mistake of law or fact will be refunded in full.

Students dismissed or withdrawing at the insistence of MTC are not entitled to any refund of tuition and fees.

Other Fees and Expenses

With the exception of Lab Fees, the following miscellaneous fees are nonrefundable.

  • Application Fee  —  $20
  • Career Interest Testing — $5 for students and $10 for non-students
  • Career Services Fee –$7 per credit hour for the first 13 credit hours and a flat $91 for students enrolled in more than 13 hours.  This fee is charged every term.
  • Credit by Examination Fee  —  $15 per credit hour
  • Deferred Payment Fee  —  $35
  • Emergency Loan Fee  —  $20
  • Lab Fees  —  Click to view Lab Fees
  • Life Experience Credit  —  $15 per credit hour
  • Parking Fee  —  $16 per term enrolled
  • Penalty Fee for Returned Check  —  $35
  • Professional Liability Insurance Fee *  —  $17
  • Professional Liability Insurance Fee **  —  $5
  • Transcript Fee  —  $10

NOTICE:  All fees are subject to change without prior notice.

*The fee for this insurance is charged to all Health Technologies, Human and Social Services, and Nursing students registered for
DMS2400, HSS2040, HSS2050, HSS2900, HSS2910, MED1090, MLT2090, NUR1040, NUR2011, PHT1030, PTA1100, PTA2221, RAD1100, or RAD2200.  This insurance is required by outside agencies and institutions before you can participate in clinical experiences.  Liability coverage is for the entire academic year and is nonrefundable if you should withdraw from classes.  The premium is established by the insurance carrier and is currently $17.  A complete description of the coverage is available from your department director or in the Business Office.

**The fee for this insurance is charged to all students registered for NUR1000.  Note:  This is a separate type of liability insurance than listed in the entry above.